“Customer” is the party identified as the customer in this agreement, to whom SC Sporthomes agree to supply its’ services and products in accordance with these terms and conditions. Orders are accepted by SC Sporthomes in accordance with these terms only. It is agreed that these terms and conditions prevail over the customers’ terms and conditions.


An information pack and an initial appointment will be made with our Sales manager Ade Deeley to discuss the required build specification. This is to agree design of specification, payments and completion date(s) of the build. Should any changes occur following delivery of the van, such as changes to dates, specification etc then this will need to be discussed directly with the Sales manager.

Once the van arrives at the premises it is under the remit of our production manager Leigh Whatley. Any changes that may be required or occur following the initial consultation with our Sales manager, Leigh will liaise and advise directly regarding these, all changes must be in writing and agreed and signed off by both customer and production manager.

Upon completion of the build and all final payments made, your new SC conversion will be ready for collection. An initial period of 3 months will be granted to allow you to familiarise yourself with your new SC conversion. Following the 3 months the SC must be returned for checking, any amendments you require will be carried out and this is when your 12-month warranty commences following the initial 3-month period.


SC Sporthomes issue a specification of works prior to work commencing. Estimated build times can vary between 5-10 weeks, dependent on the delivery of the van and the completion of specification. This is to be agreed and signed by the customer and SC Sporthomes, to protect both the customer and SC Sporthomes during the build. Initial contact with the sales team will be made to discuss the specification of the vehicle that is required the costings and estimates. Items may be added/deleted from the initial specification, this may affect the cost of the build and timescale of the build and will be agreed prior to any action being taken.


SC Sporthomes withhold the right to move work dates due to unforeseen circumstances. Normal build times may vary according to suppliers fulfilling stock request and individual customer specifications.

If completion build dates are not fulfilled to the original date given due to late delivery of vehicle, late payments or suppliers fulfilling stock, SC Sporthomes are not liable to cover any cost accrued for travel cost, accommodation or vehicle rentals.

SC Sporthomes are entitled to finish a job should their suppliers be unable to deliver specified items to timescale; however, SC Sporthomes always endeavour to meet completion dates provided. SC Sporthomes will not be held liable for any costing for hire or purchase of vehicles should delivery by SC Sporthomes be delayed.

Delivery dates given are approximate due to the complexity and bespoke process involved in the build. SC Sporthomes will always endure to meet production slot dates, however, Late or delayed van delivery may cause production slots to be moved back, your 5- 10-week production slot will commence once the vehicle is delivered and funds have cleared.

Any customer changes to specification items after the commencement of works could result in extending the build time and a later completion date, together with additional costs. SC Sporthomes have the right to change supplier or specification to as close to items ordered & specified if current suppliers are unable to fulfil order requirements.


SC Sporthomes will only build on road worthy chassis cabs/panel vans and could refuse to start work should this not be the case. If in doubt the customer will be asked to sign a disclaimer.


If delays are endured with vehicle delivery from main dealer, this is no responsibility of SC Sport homes this will need to be dealt with the supplier of the vehicle.

All Road fund licence enquires are to be dealt direct with supplier of vehicle, this includes any payments made for road fund licences.


All payment schedules must adhere to that are set out in initial specification and order confirmation.

Please note the following:

 A payment of £300.00 is required to hold work dates in advance is required, this payment is not refundable.

 Delivery of vehicle to SC Sporthomes or if a new van ordered has arrived 50% of build cost is required to commence works. Once the van is completed the remaining 50% is required or the van will not be released.

 Late, or delayed payments will result in late delivery SC Sporthomes reserves the right to cease work should there be any delay in the payment schedule.

 Should funds not be forthcoming to settle the final bill the vehicle will be retained by SC Sporthomes.

 No vehicle will leave SC Sporthomes premises without cleared funds and the customer must sign the work off to be valid for warranty. This can only take place once SC Sporthomes approval has been passed. All parts and equipment fitted to the conversion remain the property of SC Sporthomes until paid in full (these could be removed if not paid in full).


Vehicles are insured under SC Sporthomes insurance whilst at SC Sporthomes premises and whilst being driven by SC Sporthomes employees. SC Sporthomes does not accept responsibility for any mechanical wear and tear failures on any vehicle.


SC Sporthomes offer full 12 months parts and labour warranty on all new products fitted by SC Sporthomes, these products will be itemised on the agreed specification, they are covered for faults or wear and tear within 12 months from completion and collection date from SC Sporthomes. All warranty or defective work, should it occur, must be reported in writing or via email and can only be rectified by SC Sporthomes. Should any work be undertaken by a third party without full written consent, SC Sporthomes will not be liable for these costs.


SC Sporthomes require written notification of any cancellation. In all instances of a cancelled order the initial 30% payment is not refundable; this is due to the bespoke nature of SC Sporthomes business and specialist items being ordered to individual specification and non-returnable to suppliers. In the event of a cancelled order part way through the build, the works done to date will be costed, if the cost exceeds the initial 30% payment an additional charge will become payable. The vehicle will not leave SC Sporthomes premises until work to date has been paid and funds are cleared.


Any valuables left in the vehicles whilst in for repair or service will be at owner’s risk. When vehicles return for servicing or additional works vehicles should be cleared of customers belongings.


Should SC Sporthomes offer a discount for Sponsorship, an agreement showing a detailed breakdown of what promotion for SC Sporthomes is to be offered and provided in writing by the customer.


SC Sporthomes interior designs and moulded body are the property of SC Sporthomes and replication is not permitted, any such copying may result in legal action. SC Sporthomes reserves the right to photograph any works undertaken for promotional purposes (omitting where applicable any visible identifying marks/registration numbers).


12 month warranty on all kit items installed and works carried out, should any works be required under warranty vehicle is to be brought to SC Sporthomes premises.

An extended warranty is available on all used SC vehicles.


Please note that we do not offer to take images of the conversions during build.

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