When it comes to a motorhome for sport or leisure, or a race truck for your motorsport outfit, it can be vitally important that your vehicle works in a way that is specific to your unique needs. While designing a vehicle to work in the way you need it to, features and gadgets which perform specific tasks in the vehicle are obvious contributors. However, here at SC Sporthomes, we know that the finer details of a vehicle go a long way in making your vehicle more personalised to you. From the internal layout and number of storage lockers, to the way in which a garage door opens, SC Sporthomes’ Bespoke Service ensures that your next vehicle is a perfect match with your preferences through numerous consultations, 3D rendering and, most importantly, our understanding of motorhome vehicles gained through over a decade of motorhome design.

To discover more about how SC Sporthomes can build your perfect sporthome, please enquire today.

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Race Truck design for professional motorsport outfits.
Be it to prioritise hospitality or vehicle storage, our bespoke Race Truck design is sure to set you apart from the rest of the field.



Track Day van conversions are the ideal race day tool for motorsport teams or privateers who do not require large amounts of storage for multiple vehicles or accomodation. Be it for storage of karts, bikes, watersport equipment or general vehicle parts, a Track Day van conversion has the potential to transform your sport experience.
Specialist converters of Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen and Iveco panel vans.

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