“The largest model of the SC Sporthomes range along with the Sport Cruiser, the World Cruiser motorhome represents the pinnacle of luxury and class. Living up to its name, the World Cruiser is designed to handle the demands of long-haul voyages whilst delivering the unrivalled, lavish quality and comfort synonymous with SC Sporthomes…..”

The World Cruiser’s unique qualities lie in its abilities to utilise the entire space available as living quarters rather than incorporating a rear garage area which is needed for sport purposes, and, to be self-containing for effortless long-haul travelling. The intelligent design of the World Cruiser sees a lounge and kitchen area merge seamlessly into each other, while the rear private en-suite bedroom is laid out over two decks, resulting in a level of space previously unseen in motorhomes. This combined with a large storage compartment at the rear provides the perfect balance of storage capability and supreme comfort.

The World Cruiser’s long-haul travel genetics delve deeper into its design than just to its layout. State of the art self-sustaining capabilities such as rainwater recycling and water filtration systems come as standard along with larger water tanks, uprated electrical systems to support sustained power use and a larger generator are just a few of the array of standard features which make the World Cruiser the ultimate vehicle to achieve your touring dreams.

The World Cruiser boasts numerous options in layout and functionality, and can be built to immerse anywhere from 2 up to 6 passengers in elite luxury and the finest SC hand-craftsmanship. Available to be built on chassis ranging from 29ft to 40ft weighing 7.5 t and upwards, the Cruiser provides flexibility for different user demands and requirements, and with options of slide-out sections and lowered floor areas, the World Cruiser is a game changer in every sense.

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Internal Layout

3D Panoromic View

Take a look around inside the SC World Cruiser, use your mouse to move around, and scroll-wheel to zoom.

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